Anti-seismic device for dissipative connections between structural elements

sismocell-14Sismocell is a stainless steel – carbon fiber cell for the realization of mechanical dissipative fuse restraints for beam-column connections of precast concrete buildings 

One of the most important seismic vulnerability of precast structures is due to the lack of mechanical connection between structural elements. In this context the system of dissipative connection, Sismocell can be used for the seismic rehabilitation of precast structures designed without anti-seismic standards, in particular as a solution for the problem of the beam-column connection. The device guarantees a “dissipative fuse effect”, that makes the relative displacement beam-column be possible only at a controlled value of force.Sismocell_nodo

  1. Mechanical dissipative fuse restraint
  2. Avoid significant change of original structure scheme
  3. Anchoring systems according to conventional methods
  4. Modularity and adaptability to different applications
  5. Easy to install due to small size
  6. Durability
  7. Limited costs

Sismocell is an anti-seismic device CE marked according to UNI EN 15129 “Anti-seismic devices”